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The photos that comprise 'Shoah' fall into a number of categories that together comprise a time period of much longer duration, including reflections of present-day life and memorial. The categories are: Before (life prior to the Shoah); Persecution (the mechanics and actions of the embryonic Nazi State); Ghetto (forced incarceration and the division of towns and cities); Detention (the concentration camps); Extermination (the ‘Final Solution’ and the culmination of genocide); Afterwards (life in all its manifestations goes on); and The Future (a reflective single image). Each image comes with an explanatory narrative which sets things in context.

Each category works like a slide show. To tell the story from the beginning, simply click on the 1st image (top left hand corner) and work your way through. Each image is numbered so that you can always tell where you are sequentially. To select specific images, just click on the image in question.

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